Top View of Laser Scalpel



Through the incorporation of
several years of basic research MonaLaser has been able to produce the small, efficient light weight portable erbium:YAG laser for art conservation known as the "Light Scalpel". When the guide lines as out-lined in the manual for the use of the Light Scalpel are followed, art conservators will find that the obscuring foreign material on the surface can be removed without the use of toxic solvents that may affect the conservator and/or the art work.



Laser Type:
Erbium: YAG Laser
Wavelength: 2940nm
Pulse duration: 250 µsec
Frequency: 3.75, 7.5, 15 pulses/second (pps)
Energy per pulse: energy between 0 and 100mJ
(fluence from 0 to1J/cm2)
Increase of energy:
1-5mJ, continuous
Beam delivery system: hollow bore internal mirrored glass guide (1.5m long, 1mm internal diameter) with a pen-like hand-piece for aiming the laser beam at a specific spot and a beam diameter of 1mm at the end of the tip.
Weight: 35 pounds (15 kilos)



The MonaLaser Er2940 is a compact, high power erbium laser. The rugged design ensures ease of movement and reduces costly downtime from accidents due to size and weight. It has
a user-friendly control panel that is easy to operate. Continuous monitoring
and regulation
of all system functions. The Helium Neon aiming beam ensures operator satisfaction of aiming
beam visibility.


Laser Type:
Erbium: YAG Laser
Wavelength: 2.94 Microns (2940 nm)
Energy per pulse:
0.5 1.0 Joule in Select Mode
0 1.0 Joule in Manual Mode
Power: 7 Watts, Maximum
Pulse duration:
300 10% Microsecond
Operation Mode: Pulsed
Frequency: 5, 10, pulses/second (pps)
Beam delivery system:
Articulated Arm
Aiming Beam : 3mW.Red Helium Neon
Electrical Supply : 220VAC, 20 amps, 50/60 Hz
Cooling: Internal,
Heating Exchanger
Dimensions: Height:34"
Depth: 37", Width: 12.54"
Weight: 250 pounds
(150 kilos)